holly jolly.

we had a great weekend- it is feeling even busier than normal- if that is possible. but all good things- so i really can't complain. friday night we FINALLY got a christmas tree...which means it will be up for about ten days before we take it back down (my mom has finally convinced me that somehow the tree could combust while we are away)...but it was really fun and the kids loved it- so it was totally worth it.

it felt really relaxed and fun and enjoyable this year- the kids are older- they didn't break any ornaments- they got really into finding the perfect spots for them- and we all just had a great time. we picked out some new ornaments this year too which was fun. i'll take some pictures of them before we take it down.

This year Holden got to put the final star/vintage ornament on top- she was so proud! 

On Saturday- Sarah and I went shopping at the Galleria- a cute little indoor mall of fancy stores near our house. It's so cute and fun to walk around and they have people handing out cookies and carolers and all sorts of festive things. 

Then Sunday we had breakfast out Davis had a buddy over to play in the afternoon. Sunday night, we volunteered at church to welcome and host two homeless families staying there with their kids. It was such a nice night- reminded me how much I like working with junior high and high school kids. Also made me feel very thankful for all that we have. 

How handsome is this guy? He is the best. He has built such a reputation for his well wishes and encouraging departures. Whether you are dropping him off, going to bed, running to the gas station, or whatever, he is CERTAIN to give you the best goodbye possible. "GOODBYE MOM. I LOVE YOU MOM! HAVE A REALLY GREAT DAY MOM. A REALLY GREAT DAY." And he doesn't just do this with Bennett and I- he does it to his teachers, staff at school, kids, etc. It is so funny because he is so intense about it. He is not done until you acknowledge him, and he feels you understand how well he wishes you! Ha.

Then last night, I got together with Martha (my teen mom) and her daughter Destiny for the annual christmas party. Here is Destiny getting her face painted. She is the same age as Holden and she was so happy with her face paint that she would hardly speak or move the rest of the night because she was afraid to mess it up. :-)

Martha is so kind and smart and I am so happy to know her. She is also one of the most beautiful young ladies I have ever seen. And a very good mom. Next time I'll get a picture of both of them.

More later!