Davis is SIX!

Oh I just wrote the longest best post about the weekend and Davis' birthday and it was lost. :-(

So here are all the pictures and I will try again tomorrow. A few things to note: Davis LOVED having Nikki here. Oh my gosh. He LOVED his drone from Honey. He was so proud of his new Jordan Spieth clothes to wear to his glow in the dark party! And he almost died when Sloane showed up. He just adores her. He literally had to walk away and regroup for a minute before he could go say "hi" to her. And then once he did- they were inseparable.

Davis and Sloane! Reunited and it feels so good.

The whole crew!


I love how he is looking at her here. So sweet.

Sunday morning drone flying before church!

It was a GREAT weekend. More details to come! Thanks to everyone that made him feel so special.