I cannot believe Davis is turning six this Saturday- I'm so excited for him. He's having a birthday party at Pump it Up, and most importantly, Nikki is coming! He is so thrilled. And I think this is going to be a really good year for him.

First things first- he loves his school. He has NEVER liked going to school. He has always wanted to stay home or do anything but go to school. And he really likes Highlands. So much so that the other day, we were in the kitchen and he was eating breakfast, and he just looked at me and said "I guess I do like going to school now, mom." So of course on the ride to school, I was telling him how happy I was that he likes his new school so much, and he said some funny things.

Me: Davis, it makes me so happy in my heart that you are liking school and that you are doing well there. Do you just love Highlands?

Davis: Yeah, I love my new school. It's not like my old school. I hated my old school.

Me: What did you hate about your old school? 

Davis: Well, they were just always making me do rotations and stuff. And I hate rotations. And the kids weren't very nice to me. And also we always had to do these glue projects and the glue would get all over me and I just hate glue projects.

Me: So they don't have glue projects at Highlands?

Davis: Not that many...

Me: Well what do you like about your new school? 

Davis: Well, they have a dry river bed to play in, and a big playground, and I get to go to Kids Club and play football and Ms. Paulsen is my best teacher. 

The school is seriously the best- and just perfect for Davis. They do all sorts of cool programs- they are putting in a new mixed media lab, Davis has joined Lego League (which will start in the spring) and tomorrow morning will be Davis' first day of Cup Stacking. 

I have no idea what this entails beyond stacking cups against a timer- but he has been talking about it NON-STOP since he started there and the classes start tomorrow morning before school. 

Beyond doing cool things- their philosophies are really strong too. They talk all about how everyone wants to be successful and everyone's needs must be met. So he has really taken to that idea and will say things to me like "We just met your needs by going to the grocery store- can we meet my needs by going to the park?" It's awesome.

Honestly- the last few weeks are the BEST weeks I can remember with him. We started a new medicine and he has been more relaxed and happy than I have ever seen him. He smiles, he gives compliments, he articulates things he is thankful for and happy about. He will say things like "Gosh, that sure was a fun day mom..." or "Holden, don't you smile!" whereas honestly, before I felt like it was so easy to set him off or make him upset, and it felt like he complained or challenged everything 24/7. It was really exhausting. Now, it might change again, but for now, I am really thankful for my happy, at peace, little guy.

Thank you GOD.