Davis keeps requesting to stay at Kids Club after school, instead of being picked up at 3:45 when school ends. Occasionally I let him because a) he enjoys it and b) it's easier for Meg. Yesterday was one of those days. It's such an interesting thing to me, because one thing I always told myself as I have been working and thinking about having kids that are in school, was that I would not ever make my kids hang out at the before of after school "clubs". I don't know if it's because my mom picked me up every day after school, or that the kids clubs at my school always seemed lame and depressing...but I always vowed that my kids would never have to do that.

And so, one reason I constituted having a nanny just for Holden, was that three days a week, she could also take Davis to school and pick him up right after. And now...all he wants to do is stay for kids club. Ha. So the moral of the story is - don't stress about things- and realize that all of our ideas are just based on stories that we tell ourselves- which may or may not resemble the truth at all. 

Anyway- this post is about GNO, or GIRLS NIGHT OUT...tomorrow or the next day, I'm going to do a long post about Davis and how he is doing lately. But first- the point of that setup- was that I picked Davis up from kids club and figured he would run some errands with me and maybe we would have dinner together. He let me know that he would rather just go home, so I took him home, and planned to head out to pick up a few things. When I walked in- Holden asked me where I was going and very quickly said "Oh mommy- can I go with you?" To which I said "Sure- should we have a girls night out?" She got the biggest grin and said "See you later boys..." as she put on her shoes and jacket. 

We had so much fun. We had to run by the dry cleaners, we had to pick up a new hand vacuum at Target (someone broke a light bulb on the stairs, wondering what it felt like to break glass), and then I had mentioned that if we had time, I had some pants I wanted to return at the mall. After Target and the cleaners though, I realized it was getting pretty late and we probably only had time for dinner...

"NOOOOO, mommy! You said we would go to the mall!" I asked her why she wanted to go to the mall and she said "Lets go eat there- lets go to the cake factory!" So I took her to the Cheesecake Factory and she insisted on sitting right next to me in the booth and we talked and giggled and snuggled the whole time. 

She was grinning from ear to ear and kept saying "I love you mama. No boys at this table! No boys allowed today! Girls night out, mama!" And after dinner, I tried to head home again, to which she again responded "NOOOO, mommy! I don't want to go home yet..." so we walked around the mall and we played on the quarter rides, and we returned my pants.

The amazing thing about Holden is that she will ask to look at the toys at Target, and if I say "okay, but we are not buying anything..." she is absolutely fine with it. She will look at every toy and say "Oh, this is is a beautiful princess dress" or "Oh, I hope Santa brings me that..." but when it's time to go, she just walks away with a happy little smile on her face.

Same with the quarter rides- I didn't have any quarters, so I explained to her that we would not be able to ride them, and she just looked at me and said "That's okay mama. I'll just pretend to ride them." She is so damn sweet and fun, and never likes to see the end of a good time. I am SO incredibly thankful for her and times like that together. I felt so incredibly blessed last night. Does it get any better than this sweet little face?