Talk to the Duck.

This morning I woke up to about five emails from my grandpa...each subject line read "Nostalgia" and each one outlined a sweet memory of made me feel so happy and loved. What a fun way to start the day. I can't wait to see my grandparents over the holidays!

So speaking of holidays- we have the next four days off, which is fun. Well this year it's fun. I feel like up until the last six months, holidays and long weekends have felt fun, yes, but also a bit more about filling the time. This is both because of our kids, and because we weren't really plugged in here quite yet. This year, I realized, that it feels much more exciting because we have a bunch of things that we are taking part in...for example, Ellie and her family invited us over tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner- her recently widowed mother moved to Minnesota and sort of just invites her kids, their partners, their in-laws, etc. and this year, they invited that will be fun.

And then Holden has a little play date on Friday, with Murphy.  How fun is that? Murphy texted me and asked if she could take Holden to lunch and then have a little play date with her nephew, Lincoln. It made me really happy. 

Then Saturday, Bennett is going to the Badgers game and the kids and I are going to play with the Ohme kids (probably at an indoor park somewhere) and then Saturday night, Bennett and I are having a little date night!

Then Sunday- Davis has a birthday party- and I'm hoping we will have time to pick out a Christmas tree. 

Fun weekend, right? I'm excited about it.

Love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving.