I love Saturday mornings- it's so fun to go watch Davis in whatever sport he is in. And yes, I'm not really saying it's fun to watch Holden in ballet because, well, it's not.  It looks like she doesn't really like it much either. So I won't be crying a million tears if she decides to move on from ballet after this year. Yeah, that's right, it's a year long commitment. BLERGH. 

Anyway- so this past Saturday we skipped ballet and went to the basketball game. It's really fun to watch because the kids are getting the hang of it- and they're all really into it. Nate is the coach again and Bennett often helps wrangle the kids who are sitting on the side while they're not in the game. 

Then after the game, Brooks came with us, and we went to Good Times Park to play for a while. They LOOOOVE good times park and they LOOOOVE Brooks.

The only thing NOT loved is when the boys won't do what Holden wants them to. Then you get THIS response:

Girlfriend is a bit of a drama queen lately. She is soooo funny- and very different than I was in some ways. For example, she is always talking about weddings and wedding dresses and princes and how she can't wait to kiss a prince...I don't know that I ever thought about those things. She was so put out because the boys wouldn't be her prince. And that no one would build her a castle with those blue blocks. 

I finally looked at her and said "Holden- if you want a castle- you might just have to build it yourself." She looked at me as if I was speaking another language and said "MOM. Princesses don't build castles." So yeah, there you go. That's what we're dealing with. Look out world.

Saturday night while I was at the Hunger Games movie with Ellie- Davis took them up to his office to pick up some papers- and while there, he turned them into Box Trolls. Their favorite movie characters- at least this week. They are so lucky to have such a fun dad. I would have never thought of that!

You almost can't tell the difference! :-)