Holden started throwing up at about 3:00 am on Wednesday morning...so on Thursday, Bennett stayed home with her in the morning and then I switched him and I stayed home in the afternoon after going to a few meetings. She continued to say her tummy hurt, but as the day went on, you could tell she was feeling better and better.

Last night I thought we would have a great night sleep as she was feeling better and hadn't slept much the night before...so I was surprised when she started to cry a few hours later. I walked in and she was saying that bees were stinging her- so I told her it was just a bad dream- and that she was okay. It was pretty dark in there- but as I moved around a bit I caught a glance of light across her face, and I could see that something was wrong. I turned on the lights and she had red splotches all over her face and body. It really DID feel like bees were stinging her! I panicked and asked Bennett go to to the pharmacy and get some kids benadryl...and I put her in the bath. The bath made her feel better immediately, but the splotches stayed there. Then the benadryl made the the splotches go away. We have no idea what caused this allergic reaction- that's what we think it is...either something she ate or rubbed against or something...as you can see- it was the worst around the creases of her knees, armpits and elbows.

So the doctor just said to watch her and if it happens again- go to the doctor. She is feeling better today- so I think it was just a fluke- but you never know. Anyway- here is a picture of her little splotchy body. Don't feel bad- she is as happy as she can be today.

Have a good weekend! We are just palling around and I am going to a movie with a friend for her birthday tomorrow night.