Halloween Bliss

We had the best weekend- sorry I didn't post last week, I was in LA. I'll get caught up this week! So Friday I was back in the office, but I popped out to help with Davis' Halloween party at school. It was so much fun to be in his elementary school. Took me right back in time to the days my mom was room mom in the 3rd grade. So much fun thinking about that. It was also so fun seeing Davis interact with his new classmates. He was so kind and encouraging. And he was SO happy that I was there. Couldn't stop hugging me and introducing me to his friends. I was so glad to be there. And so proud of him.

Meanwhile, Holden and Meg had a play date with Elsa and her nanny, Lexi, at the zoo. They had a blast and made cute little bats that they hung around the house.

Friday night, Bennett and I put the kids to bed, and then we went to a late dinner and movie. We saw the new Steve Jobs movie- which was really interesting, but also kind of a downer. That guy was a real piece of work. 

Then Saturday we actually slept through ballet and basketball. Yes, you heard that right. The kids got up and played at probably around 6:30, but lately they have been playing so well together, that they go downstairs, turn on a movie (YES, DAVIS, YES) and then they play for a couple hours. Now don't get me wrong- they come up about 15 times- but still. We got to sleep until 9:00 which makes the HUGEST difference in your day. A) you feel rested and B) the day isn't as long. Starting your day at 5:30 or 6:30 makes for a long day.

Anyway- so we slept in, then I met my girlfriend Maija, for a manicure, and then we spent the afternoon prepping for Halloween! Bennett made chili and corn bread and it was a hit! We went to the Ohmes and trick or treated with their kids and a bunch of their neighbors- it was so fun. The kids had a blast, and so did we.

Holden was Ariel, and Davis as a ninja. They were both quite pleased with their costumes.

It was a really fun night that ended with all the boys (and Holden) in their underwear, playing football (With full on tackling, also including Holden) while we watched the Gophers play Michigan. Hope you all had a great weekend too!