Family Picture.

Yesterday, when Bennett picked Holden up from school, her teacher pulled out a drawing she had done and said "We were drawing pictures of our family today- here is Holden's..." Bennett gathered in and Holden walked through each "person" she had drawn. She said "That's mommy, (on the left- tall and thin- duh) that's Holden (top right), that's Davis (bottom right) and that's daddy (the big head/body in the middle).

And before Bennett could say anything, Holden loudly, proudly, and very matter-of-factly said "Yep, and I drew a penis on there for you, dad" and pointed to the little red line she drew between his stick legs. 

Well there you go. The teacher was mortified and turned bright red. Bennett just looked at her and said "What are you teaching my daughter?" and smiled.

Kids are so funny.