So on Tuesday night, Holden was SO sick, I almost called a friend to come over to be there while Davis was sleeping so I could take her to the ER in the middle of the night. I've just never seen her so miserable. At one point, she said to me "I need to go to the doctor..." and she was right! We made it through a very long night and then I took her in the next morning and they did some x-rays and found that she had pneumonia. They also called back the next day to say that she also tested positive for strep. Poor thing.

The most amazing thing is how quickly she turned around after getting a few doses of her medicine in. By Thursday- yesterday- she was back to her giggling, happy self. So, I am feeling better, she is feeling better, Davis is fully better, and now Bennett is sick...but hopefully it's not strep. I keep encouraging him to go to the doctor...I don't get why people don't just go. 

Also, Meg has bronchitis, so I was keeping Holden while I was sick earlier this week, and now he is keeping Holden while he is sick. Hopefully this weekend will be relaxing and we will be able to recover.

Last night was the first night we were all home at the same time- so we watched a movie together downstairs and ordered pizza. I'm looking forward to a few down days...

Our house goes on the market this weekend in Austin. Any bets on how long it will take to sell? I say a week...Bennett says two. We'll see.

Okay- more fun stuff next week. I promise. In the meantime, a few random pics.

Things that happen when there is no porta-potty at the park. Oops!

Silly kids, eating pizza under a blanket together on the porch. 

Holden at her worst- middle of the night bath. Poor baby.

At the doctor Wednesday, checking out the fish: Nemo and Dori.

Bennett and Nemo- the lovey that Holden brought him in bed this morning when I told her he wasn't feeling so well. :-) Have a good weekend.