House of Sickies.

Well, while I was gone, Davis got croup...which then turned into an ear infection...and just as he was starting to feel better, Holden got croup...and then by the time I got home, I was fully sick, and also Pico fell down the concrete stairs and had to go to the vet today because he has been in such pain. We are a house of sickies. And thank God for my mom for being here and keeping everyone together.

I basically slept all day today- and I planned to do the same tomorrow- but I got a call from a girl on my team today asking me to come in and help her with something tomorrow afternoon...and I know she wouldn't ask me if she didn't really need my help. So, hopefully I will sleep well tonight and feel better tomorrow. 

Anyway- it felt/feels so good to be home. Davis and Holden gave me the best hugs and kisses and they have both been so sweet today. Back to business! 

More later this week...