Missing my Gals.

I got to talk to both Nikki and Courtney on the phone last night- and it was sooo fun. I don't talk on the phone that much- I have always sort of hated talking on the phone- and it's also very hard to carve time out to do it when you work all day and then finally get a moment to be quiet and rest or talk to your husband or possibly eat dinner at 8:30...but every time I get OFF the phone with one of my gals, I think "Gosh- why don't you do that more often?"

Anyway- I had so much fun laughing and talking with each of them- but then I also felt sad afterwards. Because I just want to be able to be around them more. Which, lets be honest, is also probably a reason I don't talk on the phone with the people I love best so much. But, I guess I need to get over it and up my phone game. 


This week is sort of stupid and I can't wait for it to be over. If our Texas house doesn't close- I might just go insane. I feel like I have been on the phone about 100 times a day with every damn service person and realtor in the Austin area for the last month. And I'm ready for that to be over. Honestly- I sort of want to never own a house again. I want to move into an apartment. For real. I'm sort of thinking we should move into the Westin in Edina. We've have a pool, we'd have room service. We'd never have any mice. And anytime something is wrong- we could just call someone and say "Hey- this is broken. Can you come fix it? I'm headed downstairs to the exercise room. Thanks!

And work is super stressful. 


But really it's all first world problem type stuff. And I'm reminding myself of that. None of this is life or death. Everyone is healthy. I am lucky to have a great job. I am lucky to be in a position to buy or sell a house. I am going to get over myself. But this is my blog, and I do reserve the right to vent a little. 

Here are some pictures from the orchards on Sunday. I LOVE going to the Minnetonka Orchards. Gets you in the mood for fall and it's always so brisk and beautiful.

Happy Thursday!