I have so many things to say today and few of them are related- so hold on for the ride, people.

The first two things are little factoids about Davis. The first is that somehow he was introduced to the idea of a riddle. So of course his dad challenged him with a very complex riddle about a man that died, fully dressed, in a cabin...and then at the end he says "Where did he die?" And the answer is in an airplane. I'm sure I've botched this riddle but I just want you to get the idea. So Davis clearly loves the challenge and the suspense- and is constantly asking me to tell him a riddle. I actually hate riddles- so I don't know many- so instead I said to him, the other day in the car, tell me a riddle. Two minutes of silence went by and then he said something like:

"There are two cars on the road. And one is on fire and the other is not. Which one is on fire?"

So I don't even know what to say- and I can't giggle because he is so serious- so I say things like "The red one is on fire and the black one is not." And then he responds with yes or no, etc etc. It is really quite funny. Another one was like this "This is a hard one mom. There are two skies. What are they?"

He tells the riddle with the exact same challenging and ominous tone as his dad and it's just so hard not to giggle. 

Separately- if Davis doesn't graduate kindergarten- it will be because he's been too busy writing love notes to his on again girlfriend, Sloane. The other day after school, he said "MOM! I wrote a love note today...look at this..." so I looked and then he said "Guess who it's for?" And before I could answer "ME?" He said "It's for SLOANE!!!" And now he has done about five. And he keeps asking me to send them in the mail.

But we haven't seen Sloane or her parents in several months and I feel like he might come across as a creeper sending her MULTIPLE love letters in the I've been stalling. Luckily she is attending his birthday party in a few weeks so I told him he could hand deliver them. 

I think he thought you spelled "Sloane" like "Soos" because he was really shocked when I couldn't tell who it was for. And OBVIOUSLY those other shapes are HEARTS!

So we have a little romantic on our hands. I'm not at all surprised. I guess he got over Caroline. He said Sloane is his "one true love" and that she wants to marry him.

Lets see- what else. If all goes well- we will be out of the option period on our
TX house on Friday, closing by mail over the weekend. GOOD RIDDANCE. We have had to fix so much stuff- I feel BROKE! But to be honest- in the scheme of things- the repairs were small and we had NOTHING to fix or finish on that house the whole time we lived there- so I guess it is to be expected.

Oh and here are some pictures from the Gopher game. We had a blast- tailgating was the most fun. I could do that every weekend- until it gets COLD!