One thing I love about living in Minnesota is that there are seasons. Sure, one of them feels like it lasts a lifetime (DAMN YOU, WINTER) but I have always loved fall, so I enjoy the changing colors of the trees and the brisk air like I did when I was little and we lived in South Dakota. On the drive home from school or the park or wherever, we always make it a game to see who can find certain color trees. I want Davis and Holden to notice them. One day they won't live in Minnesota and I want them to have memories of the beautiful colors in the fall. 

Anyway- yesterday Holden stayed with Meg and it looks like they had a great time playing outside in the leaves.

She is so fun. And she is really enjoying Meg. I can tell because 1) she doesn't cry about staying with her, and 2) she even says things like "I can't wait to show Meg my lego city!" or things like that. 

Today Davis is staying home with Meg while Holden goes to school. I think it will be a good opportunity for Meg to get to know Davis one on one. He can be so much fun and so kind- and I don't think she has seen that yet. He is usually pretty wound up after school and that's usually when she spends time with him. I hope they have fun together. 

Tomorrow I am staying home with them both- this is "MEA" week- which basically means every kid in Minnesota has two days off of school. Gotta think of some fun stuff to do!

Have a good day!