So we got two offers yesterday- one of them is cash- which is awesome because they want to close before the end of October. We accepted and are now in a 10 day option period- so cross your fingers that they don't back out. We backed out in the option period the first time we set out to buy a house- just got cold feet- and now I feel really badly about that. I think we did it on the last day too. Oops. Had no real idea what a pain that is/was for the seller. I'm so mature now.

Anyway- I was telling my mom that I actually feel GREAT about selling that house. No reservations. I've been holding on to it for stupid reasons and it's sort of a pain to own a house across the country- so it feels good to be getting rid of that responsibility. And we made some money on it too! I always say that buying that house when we did was about the only mature decision we made at ages 25 and 26. I don't even know how or why we did it...but thank goodness we did. 

So I woke up in a great mood this morning- no whirly stomach- and then I also found out that D got us tickets to the Gophers game this weekend against Nebraska! I'm super excited- we're going to tailgate with the kids and the Ohmes and then watch the game- it's my first Gophers game so I need to find something maroon to wear. And it's the perfect time of year- it will be chilly but not miserably cold yet. I hope the kids hang in for the whole game. We'll see. 

So things are going well! And here are some more pictures from Sunday- we had such a great day. We tried a new place for breakfast- it was so nice out so we sat on the patio- and then we went to the 2nd service at church and man, I felt like the sermon was written directly from God to me...which is an amazing feeling (that I will expand on later). And then, we went to the skate park! The boys had so much fun and we loved watching! I think they have a new "thing"...

And then a few pictures of the beautiful fall foliage in our backyard and from the park- little D and I went to the park while Holden and Bennett napped. It was a record breaking 85 degrees- in the middle of October. I'll take it where I can get it.