Roller Coaster of Emotion.

We put our house on the market Saturday and I think by end of day, we will have 2-3 offers. And I'm certain we are supposed to sell that house, and I'm relieved that we won't have to mess with it anymore- renting and then repairing for sale has been a real effort...but I'm also feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. I'm trying to remind myself not to overthink it. This isn't symbolic- it's practical. Okay well it's sort of symbolic- it's a symbol of the fact that we are staying a bit longer than planned...but it's really more about not wanting to deal with renting, and wanting to invest the money in that house in other things. So okay. I guess it's clearly both emotional and practical- but I'm trying to focus more on the practical side. As Bennett always reminds me- houses don't keep you anywhere. We are grown ass people that are in charge of our own destiny- and if we want to move in a year- we will move in a year. :-)

Anyway- whether I like it or not- my stomach is in knots. 

So I won't focus on that for this post. Instead, I'll share some fun pictures from the weekend...

This is Holden's new favorite thing to do- make a really "angry" face and say "MAMA..." in a very stern voice. We do it to each other all the time. And then we crack up. Every time.

And we got haircuts this weekend! Davis really really needed one and he looked so damn handsome, I couldn't even stand it.

And then oh my goodness we had such a great day Sunday. Breakfast, church, and then...the skate park! I will share those pictures tomorrow. Hope your week is starting off well!