Where to Begin?

We had an amazing time in Texas. 10 days of sun, warmth (well, comparatively speaking) laughter and coziness with friends and family. It was so good to be back that I've been a little down since returning to Minneapolis. It would be so nice and easy...and FUN...to live in Austin again. And we will...but I know, when I'm able to think about it with a little less emotion, we have a bit more to do here in the midwest first.

Anyway, I'll do a full post, but I just wanted to grease the wheels a bit, ease back into the groove before fully diving in. So, here is a picture from New Year's Eve. This is exactly who we hung out with 24/7 when we lived in Austin. And when we get together- it's like nothing ever changes. In the best way. Reunited and it feels so good...

Also, I am planning to password protect my blog in the coming weeks- so let me know if you want in...otherwise you will soon be locked out! Glad to share it, just thinking about having a bit more control over who sees my content.