Locked In.

So it's 10:20 and I just walked in to work. Not because I slept late, or was running behind, but because I spent the last two hours locked in my car in the Best Buy parking garage. Yes. Really.

As I went to get out of my car, the alarm went off...so I reached for my key fob to hit the unlock button...which has been on the fritz lately, so of course it didn't work. No problem, right? Just hit the unlock button on the door, right? Ummm, no worky. Apparently, the Anti-Theft system was set off, so the whole car shut down and couldn't be opened from the inside.

I reached for my phone to see that it was about to die (of course). So I made a quick call to USAA, and knowing that they would have a hard time getting through the security gates, I called Bennett (in Phoenix) to say "I am locked in my car and if you don't hear from me, call USAA back and make sure someone gets me out." And then I texted Ellie to say the same thing- since she is actually in town- I asked her to call Davis and get a plan together if she didn't hear from me in an hour. 

And then I waited. And then I drank a little coffee. And then I stopped drinking coffee because what if I was stuck in my car all day? Where would I go to the bathroom? And then I thought of that movie, 28 hours or 28 days or whatever it is, where the guy is rock climbing and gets stuck in a crevice and ends up having to drink his own pee and saw his arm off. And then I was a little inspired...and I was like "I have to get out of this car. What's your plan, Sam?" So then I got out a Sharpie and a bobby pin and I McGyver'd my fancy key fob apart to try to get the unlock button to work. And that took a lot of work and now I will have sores thumbs for days and a totally janked key fob. So I got the fob broken apart and tried to jab the unlock button part with a Sharpie. Didn't work.

And then my feet started to feel numb. It's like 12 degrees outside, people. And USAA got there, but security wouldn't let them in. And then security was trying to find me, and couldn't...so I had to keep setting my alarm off, which was quite loud and embarassing...but luckily I noticed that the back door wasn't all the way shut. Davis must have closed it halfway...so I used all my might and jammed that door open and then climbed out the door and unlocked the front door from the outside.

And then the security people got there and tried to tell me I could have just unlocked it from the inside. To which I responded "Do you think I didn't try that? My feet are like blocks of ice..."

And then I walked into work and gave everyone a laugh telling them the story. Quite an interesting morning.