Nobody Loves You...

Like your mama. And I've known that (especially ever since becoming a mom) for a while, but this week definitely proved it to me again. Lets see, this week Holden has had the flu, a double ear infection, and then yesterday we got a call saying that the labs came back positive yesterday for strep. I didn't even know it was possible for someone to have all of those things at once. So she has been home with Honey all week. And Davis is going to the doctor today because he says his ear hurts. And of course I'm having him tested for strep. Or Honey is, I should say. She's taken them to all their appointments, she's cleaned my house, she's done my laundry, she's helped me get everyone ready in the mornings, but most of all, she's kept me from being a) lonely and b) totally exhausted and stressed out in the midst of being here with a new job and every sickness in the book. I cannot even express how thankful I am. :-)

I know it hasn't felt anything like a vacation to her- so I'll have to make that up to her...but it has meant the world to me. Anyway- sorry for lack of pics this week. Everyone has been busy or sick and there hasn't been that much to capture!

More tomorrow.