Big Girl Pants.

So sometimes you start a great new job, and you are feeling so excited about it and confident because of it and then on your third week, your boss and the head of the whole department, gets let go. And for a minute you just feel bad for them...and then you realize, like never before, that as they restructure, you could be next. And you think DAMN. I hope I at least get a chance to show these people what I'm capable of. And then you realize that you don't even know who "these people" are because now the only people that are really left are your peers or your reports. And maybe you stress for a while- mainly because you are so excited about your job- you don't want to lose it...and then at some point, you realize "This is a part of playing at this level. And there is really nothing I can do. None of it's personal. And I just gotta put my big girl pants on and keep moving forward." 

So really, putting my big girl pants on it mainly consisted of praying about it and asking that God helps me do my best and get in front of the right people, with my best efforts. Oh and that He gives me peace about it. As really, there is a good chance nothing will happen anytime soon, or ever. But what a weird spot to be in. 

Kind of a downer in my week, but again, you never know what God has planned and yet you do know that He always has something in mind for you that is better than what you can even comprehend. 

So that's my story. More later.