Crashed Ice.

This weekend was so fun! It is so nice having Honey here- things get lonely when you're by yourself for 10 days. And it's also nice to have her here because Holden has both a double ear infection AND influenza A. Geez. Took her to the doctor yesterday and got hit with that news. 

Prior to learning how sick she was, we did some fun things...we went to the mall of america on Saturday to get the beans some new shoes. Davis had to do the running test on all of his to make sure they were super fast. And Holden turned down some silver glitter pumas for some purple and pink nike flexes. They look so cute! Then we let them ride a few rides, and then we went home for a rest.

Saturday afternoon I met Ellie in St. Paul and we walked to the downtown area where the event was being held. It was SO fun. The weather was awesome, we had VIP passes, the event was so fun, and the after party was insane. Basically all of downtown St. Paul was blocked off and there were huge fire pits everywhere and people were just partying down. At the end of the night, we walked back to our cars and it started to snow- which was so pretty! Again, because it was not super cold. We had a blast.

Yesterday we just hung around, which was nice too. I had a little bit of a headache from the night before, so it was nice to have a nap while Holden slept and Honey and Davis went to the movies! Hope you had a good weekend.