So I've been here now for two weeks and I am so thrilled with it so far. I feel like it couldn't be a better fit for my skills, the team is great, and there is plenty of opportunity for me to have impact. I love it.

This week has been hard with both Davis and Holden being sick- he was out half of Monday, all of Tuesday and Wednesday and then she was out Wednesday and Thursday. I brought her to school today though she probably could have used another day at home. We'll recover this weekend with Honey! 

So speaking of, Honey lands tonight at 9:00 so we'll probably just chat and catch up tonight. Tomorrow morning I have a workout with John and Davis has a basketball game- which to be honest- I'm sort of dreading. It's really hard to watch how difficult it is for him to focus- and to watch other people get frustrated with him. But then tomorrow night, Honey is going to keep the kids while I go to Crashed Ice in St. Paul. My friend Ellie's husband produces the event for Red Bull and we have VIP passes for the event and party. Essentially I think these crazy pro skaters/daredevils race down this insane track they've built across St. Paul and they try to knock each other down and stuff. I can't wait. And I'm so thankful it's supposed to be a warm weekend. I would not want to go stand outside in -10 weather. Here are some pics from last year.

And then Sunday we'll hang out- I need to get Holden some new shoes so maybe we'll do that...or take them swimming...or both. And then Sunday night I have a sitter so my mom and I can go to dinner. Then Tuesday I go to Boulder for the day for work...busy week and I am so thankful Honey will be here! 

Bennett is en route to Whistler for work (read: snowboarding with a little networking) and then Tuesday night he comes home, and then Wednesday he goes to Phoenix for the Phoenix Open (I think). Then he is home for a while. Thank goodness. I have never liked January- even though I realized that three of my best gals were born in January (Katie, Kirsten and Holden) so it doesn't help that it's his busiest travel month. Oh well- it's almost over! And January is also the coldest month here- typically. Also almost over. Yahoo!

Have a good weekend.