No I Weren't.

Davis and Holden have said some funny things lately that I want to remember. The other night, Holden was acting naughty (not typical and that's how I knew she was getting sick) and at one point I looked at her and said:

Me: "Holden, are you going to be nice now?" 
H: "I am being nice..."
Me: "You were being naughty."
H: "No I weren't."

Also, the other day, Davis and I were driving in the car and he randomly said to me:

D: "Do you know that there are three things you can say "Excuse me" for?
Me: "What do you mean?"
D: "Well. You can say excuse me when you want to get through some people. (pause) You can .say 'excuse me' when you burp or fart. (pause) And you can say 'excuse me' when you do something naughty and you get in trouble."
Me: "Davis, you are so smart."
D: "Yep. I'm smarter than you even know."

More later!