Bennett Inc.

How is it Wednesday already? Sorry I have been less regular on the blogging lately. Second week of work and guess who is home sick with a stomach bug? Davis. And guess who seems to be picking it up? Holden. And it made me feel really angry. Because I've been praying that this will be the year where the kids round the corner and aren't sick all the time. But, I am trying to realize that at least this is happening when 1) Bennett is in town and 2) I've had orientation the past two days and I've been able to leave early without anyone noticing and 3) my mom is coming on Friday. 

Anyway- all of this, and previous thoughts, has led us to add to Bennett Inc. Starting on the 2nd, Rachel Murphy is going to nanny Holden three days a week and also help around the house. I'm so excited about this- it will allow us to have coverage three days a week if/when they are sick, Holden will get to spend time with someone so fun and fab whom we really trust and she will also get to go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and play with her friends. It would have been cheaper to do the same with Davis, but I really feel like he needs to be in school full time to get ready for kindergarten...and maybe this summer he can stay home and play on the occasional Friday. So anyway- I'm super psyched about this. I think it will be worth every penny. And really, I'm telling myself, the truth is, I won't be able to earn any pennies if I have to miss as much work as I did last year. So there you go.

And here are some pics from the last 4-5 days.

Holden and her best pal, Elsa. Are they the cutest, or what? 

Holden and Elsa again. Yesterday was "Frozen Day" at school. I don't think Holden could have been happier. The lady behind them is called Costume Kim and she comes every few weeks and does skits and things. Bennett and I have been admiring her tan ever since we got this picture. The best part of the day is that when I brought Holden in to school yesterday, her whole class was sitting down in a circle, sort of facing the door. As I took off Holden's coat, Elsa's threw her hands up on her cheeks and said "Oh Holden. You are beautiful..." It was the most adorable and sincere response. She just couldn't even take it.

And clearly we had to try on all of our options before deciding on the right look for Frozen Day. What you don't see is that there is a crown hanging off the back of her head. It's too tight, but she insists on wearing it, even if it's dangling down about her shoulders like a pair of headphones. She kept walking around saying "I'n gorgeous...I'n gorgeous, mama." Davis looked at me and goes "Mom- does she even know what that means?" I said "Clearly, I think she does, D."

Davis had his first basketball game. And oh my Lord. It was about as successful for him as tee ball. Or soccer. And poor Nate is the coach. I think Davis is going to have to focus in on some individual sports that he likes- swimming, golf, gymnastics, wrestling. The big team sports are just way too chaotic for him and he is trying to chat up the ref and the coach the whole time, or he's break dancing, or yelling to me across the gym. Oy vey. That boy.

Nate and Bennett took the boys to the Gophers game on Saturday after their own basketball game. Davis was very proud to borrow Brooks' Gophers jersey.

So that's a look at the past few days. Hope you have a great week!