Thieves in Our Midst.

Tuesday was Holden's birthday, so when she came home with a little stuffed monkey from school, and she told me that Bennett (Ohme) gave it to her for her birthday, I believed her. Until I got the email from her teachers yesterday asking if anyone had "accidentally" taken home a stuffed monkey. This wouldn't be that interesting if the day prior I hadn't "accidentally" taken home a three year old's lovey because it was identical to Holden's. We look like thieves! All items will be returned today so we can clear our previously untarnished name. Ha.

Here are a few pictures of Holden's little birthday party at school.

Yes I let her wear her dress to school. It was her birthday for goodness sakes!

The little girl next to her is her best little friend at school, Elsa. I mean clearly. With a name like that, did anyone else have a chance? I bet her parents are so mad at Disney for making that name what it is today.

And here is a picture of Davis at Brick Buddies.

So it's Friday and this week has flown by. I'm looking forward to a low key weekend with Bennett here. He will be gone again next weekend and the following week so this Saturday night we are going to go out to eat and actually talk to each other, uninterrupted. Have a good weekend!