What I Love...

About my new job...

1) The commute is changing my whole life. I used to drive downtown, which took about 30 minutes door to door in the best weather and 60-80 in the worst. Between driving in snow and ice, parking and walking to my building, it was quite an ordeal. My commute now is 10 minutes door to door.

2) And also, there is free, covered, on-site parking. Yahoo! This saves me about $200-$250 a month, alone. And it's super convenient.

3) Smart people! Holy cow there are so many smart, driven people here. I have learned something in every meeting I've attended. I love it- it's exactly what I've missed.

4) Driven working moms. Many of the people in marketing are moms. This is great because there appears to be both a common understanding of how being a mom impacts everything (including work) and it also reminds me of how many women are out there, busting their ass at work, and loving their kiddos at home.

5) The people on my team are so nice. I think they will do happy hours and things- and the girls that report to me are super cute and fun- so I am excited to get to know them.

6) I am busy and engaged. This is certainly the best thing of all. I have no time to think about the cold, or being homesick...I'm not bored, and I'm exhausted when my head hits the pillow (which has happened at about 9:00 every night this week). My mind hasn't been this busy, or challenged, in almost two years. And it makes me so much happier- all around.

7) I am about a mile from Bennett's office, and about 3 miles from the kids school. Our house, school, and both offices are probably within a five mile radius. I've never had this before and it's super convenient.

8) I love dressing up for work. It's business casual- so people don't dress like I am used to at agencies. I knew this would be the case- but I didn't know how much fun I would think it is to like really get ready for work every morning. And the fashion is good. It's not like boring black trouser pants...people have good style here and again, it makes me want to up my game.

So that's my report for today! I have my workout with John this evening- lets hope I don't almost pass out like last time after the long holiday break. VERY humiliating.