Little Tiny Turns Three!

I cannot believe that Holden is three! She is so excited to tell everyone that she is three and that she got another "princess" for her birthday (a princess dress). Actually, she got two of the same Anna from Frozen dress- both Honey and I picked it for her. Great minds think alike. Ha. She started the day with donuts and a couple presents, and then she had a little cupcake party at school, and then we met the Ohmes for dinner at our FAVORITE SPOT- Chuck E Cheese. She really had a blast and was as happy as always.

I posted this picture on Instagram and got so many comments. I love how many people Holden makes smile. Her joy is contagious. And maybe NOTHING brings her greater joy than sweets!

Bennett found "Frozen" cereal, complete with crystals and snowflake marshmallows. Such a hit. And holy cow- Disney has milked this movie for all it is worth. :-)

All day yesterday, she kept saying "I'm so excited! I'm so happy! I love you mama!"

Holden was very proud to get her own Lego set, and Davis was very proud to help her set it up. Nikki gave her Mary Poppins- the movie- and she is loving that! They think it's so funny...and it's been fun for me to watch- I haven't seen that in years.

Smiling in her Anna dress, with her new white kitty. She brought it to bed last night, and I tried to see if she would let this new white kitty be a switch for her old almost stuffing-less kitty Nikki gave her when she was about six months old. Not so much. Now she is just so happy to have TWO! "I have two momma!"

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We love her so!