Day One.

So I started my new gig today and was greeted by a team of really fun and warm women. There are plenty of dudes on the broader team, but on my immediate team, it's all women and one guy. Women are so complex. Its rare to find a what you see is what you get type of women...and that isn't a knock. It's simply the truth. When you are a woman, a new woman, you realize quickly that women are watching your every move- to see if you are friend or foe. Always watching your body language, listening to your tone of voice, to see what kind of woman you are and whether they will align with you, or on the other extreme, oppose you. And I always try to be myself and hope that my balance of fun and I-mean-business come through.  

Anyway- that's not the point. The point is- they were fun and it made me excited. The day was on and off fun and boring. I think that's to be expected. I sat in on some calls but I also had quite a bit of down time, which I don't love.

But all in all- I'm excited about this new chapter. And as Minnesota continues to prove, the people are just so great and kind. And that goes a long way. More tomorrow.