Coming Together.

Saturday morning I had a workout with John, who is totally growing on me. He is about 50 years old, from Minnesota and has lived here his whole life, recently re-started his life by moving from a career he didn't really enjoy, to physical fitness training. He has the best attitude, talks a ton, and just makes me laugh, though he is never trying to. He is super encouraging, but not in an annoying way. He makes you feel like you can do it. 

Anyway, as I left the gym, I had on a CD I recently found in the back of Bennett's car- a mix of Indigo Girls songs. I put it on, I rolled the windows down a bit, let the fall breeze flow in, and I felt really happy. Like from my head all the way down to my toes. I felt light, I felt optimistic, I felt excited. Excited about our trip this week, excited having a new trainer and a better routine, excited about the possibility of Africa, excited about becoming a teen mom mentor, excited about fall, just excited about everything coming my way. I sort of felt, for the first time in a long time, that maybe things will, and even are already, come together for me. And that's all you can really ask for, right? 

I talked a while back about something I had been hearing over and over- just say YES- just say yes. Even if it's just a little yes, say yes. And I've really been trying to do that. Yes to a new trainer. Yes to throwing a Sole Hope shoe cutting party, yes to teen mom mentoring, yes to learning more about Africa. Yes to our neighborhood church, even if we decide we want to find a different one later. And I can tell it's that yes that is making all the difference. I'm realizing that it's not the actual thing you are saying yes to, but the openness you create when you simply say "Okay, I think I will try it/do it/see it/say it. Yes." The openness to what life might have for you might just be what makes all the difference.