Great Idea, Sam.

Said no one after I suggested we go visit the Rennaisance Festival on Saturday. Here's the thing, I know that Renaissance Festivals are basically a giant party for a bunch of weirdo grownups that wish they were ladies and knights from ye old times...but I have such fond memories from our visits with my grandparents when we were little. I remember drinking orange juice straight out of a giant orange with a straw, I remember always coming home with a beautiful dried babies breath wreath with ribbons streaming down the back that I would secretly pretend was my long flowing hair. I just remember having a great time.

So I thought we might try it again with the beans. First of all, it's a trek. It's in Shakopee which makes me laugh, in itself. Second of all, once you park, it's a good long walk, and we didn't bring a stroller...

Anyway, there isn't much to say except that no one was really impressed, and it was kind of dirty and weird in ways I don't recall as a kid. I'm sure it was better back then. Here is a picture of Davis and Holden after they picked out a couple token renaissance festivals souvenirs. Holden's wreath is nowhere near as cool as mine were- but she was happy.

When we left, Davis said "Mom. Let's go home and never go back there again." He does not have to twist my arm. I think the thing that pushed him (and me) over the edge was at the very end, Holden said she had to go potty. As she is newly potty trained, when she says this, you bolt to the nearest bathroom, even if it is a port-a-potty. It was really hot on Saturday. And even hotter with three of us packed into this bathroom (Bennett was going to get the car). And there was no air. And Holden took her sweet time going #2. At one point I was saying "Holden, get the job done. This is getting ridiculous..." And then Davis looked at me and said "This is NOT good, mom. This is not good." It was the breaking point.

Oh well. We can check that off the Minne Mini Bucket List. It wasn't on there to begin with, but you know what I mean. We played around the rest of the weekend- it was so beautiful outside on Sunday- we just soaked it in.

Davis got this bike from my grandparents when he was two. Holden rides it now. Well, I say she rides, but really she just sits on it a lot and puts things in the little yellow basket in the back. Her feet can almost reach the pedals. She is pushing three years old, so she is a little shorty. And as you can see, Davis takes a spin on it every once in a while too.

This little Hello Kitty hoodie came in the mail for Holden on Saturday and she basically wore it all weekend. Hello Kitty and silver sequins- her heart's desire. More later. Hope you had a great weekend.