The other night, Bennett was lying in bed with Davis, and he asked that I come in and swap places. Davis loves to snuggle with Bennett, but it's like he can't really comprehend going to sleep without me lying down with him last. So I went in and we swapped, but before Bennett walked out, Davis said "Daddy- why don't you ever brush your teeth?" To which Bennett responded "I DO brush my teeth, Davis. Twice a day." To which Davis responded, very sincerely, with "Then why does you always have poo poo breath?"

I DIED laughing. Bennett looked at me and asked if I told him to say that, and I couldn't even stop laughing enough to tell him that no, this was in fact, of Davis' own accord. From the mouth of babes. HA.

And then last night, we were driving home from Target when Davis had to go to the bathroom SO BAD we had to pull over. He peed on the side of the road in a remote location, hidden by the door, but then when he got back in Holden insisted, sobbing all the while, that she needed to pee outside like Davis too. With daddy.

So he took her out, hid her behind the door, and she tried her hardest. She squatted for a good five minutes, and felt so proud of herself when the deed was done. This was my visual from the passengers seat.

They just crack me right up. 

This afternoon I am meeting Ellie for drinks after work, and then I have two major meetings tomorrow, and a pretty open weekend to play, AND develop a strategic POV for a new business we are pitching. 

And oh my gosh, next week Honey is coming on Tuesday night, and then I am meeting Davis in Half Moon Bay on Thursday. We're doing two nights in Half Moon Bay, and two in San Francisco. I'm so excited. We haven't gone on a vacation alone since Denver, back in the summer of 2012. I cannot wait.