Sorry to leave you with such a wasn't my intention. Davis ran a fever all weekend so I have been busy with that and just back at work today after keeping him home yesterday.

Anyway, as you know, I've been really evaluating my life, my career, and thinking through my purpose and how I can become the best version of myself possible, and also really GIVE and do something that has real and lasting impact. 

After reading The Circle Maker, I made a list of things that I DO want and things that I DON'T want. And then I waited...or that's what it felt like. And a couple months later, through a series of things, I was reminded of the thing that comes up almost every year in my mind...maybe it's time to teach. If you know me at all, you know that since I was little, I have been obsessed with teaching. So much so that my grandfather built me a little schoolhouse in our backyard so I could really bring my dreams to life. I know- it was pretty amazing. Anyway- I have loved the wild ride of advertising and I have met amazing people and have a billion funny stories and I feel like I've accomplished a lot- but I feel quite certain that this part of my life is coming to a close in the coming year. 

My plan, God willing, is that I will work it out in this industry until about midsummer of 2015, and then I will go back to school to get my master's in english and education, and then I will teach english at the high school level. 

AND I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED AND RELIEVED I AM. In some ways, it's so obvious that this may seem uninteresting to some of you, and to others it may sound like the craziest idea, but I know in my heart that this will be a great time to start fresh, to reinvent myself, to focus on something new and build a life and a schedule that will allow me to do something I think I will love.

So that's my news. Mums the word as I will stay in the industry for a while...

And for those of you that I have talked to about this, thanks for the encouragement. Every day I feel more sure of this- that when I was praying daily for God to help me realize the purpose of my life and my gifts, that this is what HE had in mind.

And Y'all. I can't imagine going back to school. I'm so psyched.