Mickey Mouse, Please.

We went to Target the other day to pick up a few things, one of them being some additional underwear for Holden. She had every option under the sun to pick from- characters she loves including Hello Kitty, Dora, Minnie Mouse, etc...but she picked Mickey Mouse and those are technically "boy" underwear. So this is what she has been wearing lately...and she is so proud. She looks so cute in her "boy" underwear. 

Let's see- Tuesday night we went over to Nate and Sarah's house to celebrate Bennett and Sarah's birthday...and since she had her little girl on Friday, we also celebrated her (Paige's) birthday too. Of course we picked the most beautiful ice cream cake from Dairy Queen on the way over to their house.

Tonight, we were supposed to have dinner with a couple (I work with the guy) but they had to reschedule due to work stuff. AND we were supposed to have some other friends over for dinner Saturday and they have to go out of town last minute- so all of the sudden- our week/weekend is very open. I'm super excited about that. Since I don't want to cancel on our sitter tonight, I think we'll just go for a glass of wine or something. Always nice to get out together. Then this weekend I'm thinking we'll check out one of the local apple orchards. It's so beautiful here right now- September is maybe the best month in Minnesota.

Nothing to interesting to tell you today- but I do have an exciting announcement coming up. Just need to iron out a few details. And no, I'm not pregnant. 

So that's all I have today. Jodie- thanks for your sweet comment on my last blog. Appreciate it.