So, as mentioned, Bennett was pretty tied up with his work convention, so I tried to think of some fun and different things to do with the kids this weekend. Saturday evening we went to the park- it was so beautiful outside- so we played and laughed...until it started raining. It rained for an hour and the trees flew around like crazy, and then the sun came right back out. So weird. 

Then Sunday morning, in a quest to do something new, and also to scout out locations for Ds upcoming 5th birthday party, we decided to drive up to Plymouth (about 20 minutes north) and try out SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park. Oh my gosh- we had so much fun. I bought an hour-long package and thought that they would argue to stay longer- but by the end of 45 minutes of straight jumping, everyone was exhausted (myself included). Davis kept saying "Mom. I'm so sweaty. That is some really good exercise..."

And here are some pictures from swimming lessons and our Saturday night monster truck rally.


Poor kids, their lives are so dull and they don't have any toys. :-/ Happy Monday!