It's Bennett's birthday and he's not even home to celebrate. Every few years Great Clips has a convention in Minneapolis and everyone flies in for it, and it happens to start tonight. Hmmph. So while we definitely opened presents, made brownies, and Bennett went to pick out a new driver and have a massage, I'm sure it hasn't felt super birthday-like.

We started the day with swimming lessons- and man were they a success. Holden had her lesson first, and Bennett was in the pool with her. The teacher kept using Holden as the example, simply because she was so comfortable in the water. She grinned the entire time. Then when they finished, Davis was up next. He was in a class with three others- including Brooks- and two young teachers. We couldn't even sit right by them, and while I thought that would be a sticking point for Davis, he was GREAT. I stood where he could see me, and it was so sweet, he would do something and then he would look my way to see if I was watching. I could see a proud little grin spread across his face each time. Those moments are when it's really great to be a mom. Anyway, he did everything and worked so hard, and listened so well. And he just loved it. At the end he said "Mom! That was way better than soccer!"

They both asked later today when they could go again. And I have a hypothesis based on today's findings...so far, Davis has tried t-ball (DISASTROUS), gymnastics (he loved it), soccer (underwhelmed) and now swimming (loved it)...so I'm noticing that right now the things he loves are individual activities or sports. Wonder if that will be lasting or if it's just a phase. 

I've also noticed that he is in a super "aiming to please" phase. Everything from offering his help, listening without me asking a ton, telling me about the sweet things he has thought or done, and even saying things like "If you were me, what would you pick?" or "Do you think that's a good idea, mom?" "Is that what you were thinking?"

It's incredibly sweet and I. WILL. TAKE. IT. 

More Monday...