Davis' New Jam.

Both Davis and Holden love music, and between the three of us, we talk a lot about what our new jams are. Sometimes Holden and Davis even argue because one of them will claim a "jam" that the other one also wants to "own". Anyway, there is a song called "All About that Bass" that comes on the radio quite a bit here. And I noticed this weekend that Davis would walk around humming the tune. So, last night, I played it for him on my phone while we were driving. He could not get over it- especially the last part of the video where the guy slides into the splits and then slides back up to standing position.

He just kept going "I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE HE CAN DO THAT! How does he do that? I can't even believe it." He also can't believe the whole song is about booties. Ha. For your listening and viewing pleasure- HERE is the video. And yes, there are a few bad words in it, but I play the kid-appropriate version for him. I love listening to him talk about things lately- he's super insightful and it's great to hear how his little mind works. 

He has been earning quarters for doing things around the house and today when I asked him to let Pico out and then bring him back in, he looked at me and he said "MOM. I won't let you down." I giggled, then looked very serious and said "Thank you Davis. I appreciate that."

Holden, on the other hand, is quite verbal these days too. She has picked up words like "Actually" so when you say "Holden, do you need to go potty?" she will very often say "Actually, I went potty already." Okay ma'am. She is officially potty trained. I guess. I mean that sort of happened overnight. I guess when they're ready, they're ready. I am super happy to be done with diapers, but it does feel a little sad that my littlest is done with diapers. Also, she about went from 2 to 16 over the last week. We introduced her to time out- and it's really both interesting and comical to see how she reacts to it compared to how Davis did. 

If you tell Holden to go to time out, she is usually already crying about whatever it is that caused the prompting for time out, so she just sobs and walks over to the area where you are pointing...she sits and cries for a bit and then comes back saying "I listen now. I listening..." She had to go to time out quite a bit this weekend. We were all laughing, thinking of that blog "Why is my three year old crying?" And the answers are things like "his chicken nuggets are touching..." or "a balloon he got six months ago is missing" or "there is a tag on his shirt." Ha.

With Davis- he would scream and cry and it would only get worse with time out. NO WAY was he going to sit where you told him, for any amount of time. You either had to physically hold him there (which totally defeats the purpose) or you have to just let him up and ignore his temper tantrum. It's funny how different they are. 

Well that's all I have today, except here are a few random pictures from the weekend.

In the midwest when you order a bloody mary, as we did on saturday, it is served with a "snit". The "snit" is the bit of beer on the right- and there is some cute and historical story that goes with this- but i can't remember it right now. Just thought you should know.

Zach and Carrie enjoying the brews at Dangerous Man. Can you believe we didn't get a picture of the four of us? I hate that. :-(

Also in Minneapolis they have this lotto/game called "Pull Tabs". I also don't know how that works, but here is a silhouette of Zach and Davis losing $35 to the state of Minnesota.

The boys, killing time while we perused around Forage Modern.

Holden, walking a runway (apparently) at Forage Modern. She got new little tennis shoes for school and she is QUITE proud of them. It looks like they have tie up laces, but that top part just folds down when not velcroed. I have never seen anything like it. Smart.

The very special Lego spiderman car thing that Davis bought with his saved quarters this weekend.

Holden, reading in one of her very favorite spots in our house...Davis' bed. More tomorrow!