Chopped Liver.

We became chopped liver the moment Honey stepped out of the airport last week. Seriously! Everything that Holden and Davis needed HAD TO BE DONE by Honey. And they didn't even miss us. Seriously. Could be because she let them have sprinkles on almost everything they ate...and she let Davis crawl in bed with her at all hours of the night...and she brought Holden a cute stuffed animal kitty with a dress and a flower wreath...and she let Davis pick out two lego sets. And she took them to Chuck E Cheese. And Chik Fil A. And the park 3 times. Guess it's everything about Honey! They loooooove her. And I was not sad at all that we weren't missed- I was just glad they were happy. We sure missed them though...

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These are older pictures, but I don't think I have posted them yet. Have a great day!