Carrie and Zach left today, and I already miss how hard I laughed this weekend. Things you should know: we drove past the Mississippi river about 14 times, more than I have this whole year. We might have gotten a little lost. We drank awesome beer at Dangerous Man Brewery, and then had a full meal of appetizers at Smack Shack. Saturday, Carrie and I had so much fun shopping together and getting our nails done, and then Saturday night the boys went to watch the UT game over some burgers and cheese curds. Sunday we did some east side shopping and then spent the afternoon playing in the backyard and even made it to Minnehaha Falls. 

My favorite times throughout the weekend were when we got home at midnight on Friday and proceeded to have a dance party in our kitchen- listening to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" at least 15 times- and last night when we played Trivial Pursuit in our basement. We had so much fun and I miss them already. 

I was telling Bennett today that I think it's hard to have people visit. Not when they are here, really, but after they leave. I think I sort of compartmentalize my life, I think I realized in the first six months that in order to have any fun, I had to stop thinking about Austin and start thinking about here. And I guess I haven't stopped doing that. Don't get me wrong- we want all sorts of visitors- it's just hard when they leave.