Bennett / Ryan Fam Jam

So usually when we go to Texas (I say 'usually' like we've done this more than twice, but you get the point) we try to spend at least one night as a family, with the Ryans. One of the things I love best about the relationships we have in Austin are that they know and love our children/family and we know and love theirs. And also, Davis' love for Porter runs deep. He still says that Porter is his best friend. If you ask him something about Porter, he'll say "My Texas Porter?" because he has a Porter in his class here too.

Anyway- I'll let the pictures do the talking. We had a blast.

I adore Porter and Mary Mae. Porter is so smart and very inquisitive and I have so much fun talking with him and feel so honored when he asks me to go do something with just him. And Mary Mae is the sweetest. She has the cutest little cartoon character voice and she is so girlie and all week she said that Holden was "soooo cute" like Holden was a baby compared to her at her wise age of three. It was really cute. 

Davis and Porter had their first sleepover- well, at least in the same room. And overall, it was quite successful...but there was a little bit of this, first:

But is it really a slumber party if there isn't wrestling or hair pulling? Me thinks not.

The girls were a bit more civilized- at least on the first night. They were quite pleased to find out that they had matching jammies- or "Gowns" as Mary Mae called them.

photo 4 (89) copy.jpg

Perhaps the kids favorite thing was going to this place called Roly Poly's- an indoor play gym.

Happiness is a giant foam pit. 
Okay and then later that evening, when the guys got back from golfing, we drove out to Krause Springs, just outside of Austin. I'll be honest, I sort of felt it was going to be a long walk for a ham sandwich type situation...just piling all the kids up, carrying all of our stuff, driving out there, so close to dinner and bedtime. But I was so wrong. It was really amazing. We had so much fun out there together. I love how many fun memories we have with the Ryans. #bennettryanfamjam

It was VERY refreshing. In more ways than ONE.