Honey's House.

This is officially part four. And I'm trying to cover it in less than 10, so the next few are going to have a lot of pictures. But first, lets talk about how I felt in Texas. And how I feel now that I am back.

I felt quite different than I expected. I was expecting to never want to come back to Minneapolis, and to feel super sad about it. But perhaps I'm getting better at managing my own expectations, or letting Jesus take the wheel, but somehow I felt great about being there and good about going back to Minneapolis. Oh my god, I'm growing up. Ha. 

There isn't a similar feeling to being with your family- the comfort, the familiarity, the nearness of it all. And I do miss that a ton. I told Nikki that I don't really talk to her as much, and I certainly don't talk to her about how much I miss her because then that is all I will think about. Same goes for my mom. I miss those gals all the time, but the only way for me to figure out how to enjoy myself here is to not let that cloud my mind (at least not most of the time). I think they call that avoidance, and I think it's not looked upon very highly as a coping mechanism, but we've all got areas of improvement, right?

Another thing I realized very squarely upon being back is that our marriage has greatly improved since being gone. I don't think that is a reflection on Texas, or the people there, but more a reflection on how everything (EVERYTHING) here is built AROUND our family. And not the other way around. It sort of has to be- we're all we've got here. And while there are cons to that, there are certainly significant pros. And it took being home to realize that. I think a lot of people say that though- that when you move away together- you become even closer than you ever thought you could be. That is certainly true with us and while I don't want to be away forever- I'm thankful for the pros of it right now. 

I guess upon leaving, I realize that while I am so set on going back there...we both are...it doesn't have to be right this minute. God is doing things in our lives- and certainly because we trusted Him and put ourselves in a vulnerable spot where he could work on us. 

Okay. But call me in six months and I'll be cursing this God forsaken place while packing my bags to move home. Ha! Okay so speaking of, it's beautiful here right now and I never want it to end and I heard the saddest thing the other day and it almost made me cry: THE WATERPARK IS CLOSING ON THE 24TH. ugh, it's so depressing. Summer started late this year, on top of them always having a shorter summer, so it's a little heartbreaking. I can't even tell Davis. 

So that's a little snapshot on me. Here are some more non- me snapshots. Enjoy.

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. How happy are these two? Love their smiles...and I can't tell you how often I look at Holden and see my bits of my mom.

These boys. Of all the places to sit- they shared a chair, facing the wall, while eating their popsicles. How cute are they? This is Andy Furl, Kirsten's son. It's a pretty amazing feeling to see your two little boys play together just the way you said they would back in AP Biology in high school. Kirsten is, in fact, the only reason I ever passed AP Biology, or Chemistry, or anything Science-y. 

Also, there was a little potty training effort while we were in Texas. It was not entirely successful, but as you can see, Holden had fun trying.

I don't TRY to photography my kids in the bathroom...but if there is anything I've learned in being a mom of little ones, it's to have your camera ready in case they are doing something sweet or funny. In this case: funny.

Nikki, in front of the beautiful beach mural at Allure Nails. So fancy.

Honey's house was like a camp and like a resort too. I want to go back tomorrow!