Part II: Featuring Weston Barry.

So we fly into Austin on Friday, got to see Nikki and my mom, then we had dinner with some friends at El Alma. We sat outside and had great mexican food, even better margaritas, and it was so hot that I had to put my napkin under my legs so they would stop sweating so much. Ha!

We stayed with Courtney and B and got to see their great new house, and most importantly, we finally got to meet this guy:

He is the cutest. Big round cheeks, a happy smile, and the sweetest demeanor. Now if he would just sleep through the night... ;-)

Then we hopped in the car to go to Dallas for Scott's wedding. Where my name was in the program as Samantha Davis. WHAT? Yes, Samantha Davis. And I nearly had a heart attack...between that and his fiance asking me to be in the house party FIVE days before the wedding, I've really had to force myself not to send her a copy of Emily Post's book on etiquette with their wedding gift. I mean, really. But fine, I mean, I get it, their wedding is not about me...and it was really lovely and I am so happy for we'll leave it at that.

We stopped at Vitek's along the way for some BBQ. People went there all the time in college, but this was my first time. It was funny to walk in and see so many people praying over their food. Welcome back to the bible belt!

And then we headed to the Hill Country to ride some horses out on the open range.

This used to happen to me every dang time I would ride something like this- I would smack my face on the bars, or the back of the horses' head, in this case. But don't worry, no cowgirls were injured...five minutes later:

photo 5 (45) copy.jpg

Okay so fast forward to this week and two funny things that Holden and Davis have said that I want to remember. 

1) When we got home, Davis was so sad and wanted to go right back to Honey's house. And he told me "Honey said we could, she said we could live there..." and trying to appeal to his rational side, I said "Well who would pay for everything. Daddy and I's jobs are here in Minneapolis. Who would pay for our house and our food?" He paused and looked at me both indignant and pleased all at the same time and said "Honey! Honey's got tons of that bucket!" (We had been playing with a huge bucket full of pennies and nickels while we were there- and of course it is the most money Davis has seen just piled in one place) She's RICH!

2) When I went to pick Holden up at school yesterday, her teacher said "does anyone in your family say "thank you, dear?" I was confused and asked why. She said that she was lifting Holden off the potty at school and after she did, Holden looked at her and said "thank you dear..."

HA! I think my grandmother says that and she picked it up! 

Okay have a great day- more later.