10 Days in Texas...Part One.

We're back. And the trip felt both short and long. Short because there is never enough time with the people you love the most and long because it's always nice to put your clothes back in your drawers and fall asleep in your own beds. 

I have been worried about how I will feel after this trip because I've been looking forward to it for so long, and it's hard when things end, and also, it sort of represented the end of summer to me...which is never fun. And I guess I don't really know how I feel, post-trip, yet...so I'll fill you in on that later...but I will tell you that while this trip felt both long and short, it also had its highs and lows...which I'll also get to at a later time.

First things first. Here is how we spent the majority of our vacation:

We forgot Davis' swim trunks. Which meant he wore underwear most of the time, while swimming. Which meant that Holden also wore underwear...over her swimsuit. 

We seriously spent about 8 hours a day in the pool at Honey's house. It was glorious. Honey and Nikki went to so much trouble to make the beans' time at Honey's house like a camp. So many toys, so many Oreos, so many activities...

Davis said it best when he said "Can we stay here every day? I never want to leave..."

We had the best time and I have a million pictures...so I will continue to post about our trip throughout the week. Au revoir for now! Gotta catch up with work.