So yesterday over lunch I interviewed to be a Teen Mom mentor. Just going to the building and seeing the daycare and the space where they meet was very eye opening. And after work I met with my trainer, John, and holy cow I am sore today. It felt amazing to sweat and feel exhausted like that.

Also- Bennett is finally home- yahoo! Holden and Davis were SO excited to see him. And oh my gosh it is beautiful here right now, so we sat out on the back porch last night and just laughed and talked and had a good time. I was laughing so hard I was crying because Holden was shaking her booty in her new superhero underwear. She is so short and her booty is so round, and she moves her hips back and forth like nobody's business. And, the more you laugh, the harder she works...it's just silly. I'll try to get it on video. 

Today is a pretty busy day at work and then tomorrow I have to take the day off because the kids don't have school...not ideal timing, but what can you do? And then tomorrow afternoon, ZACH AND CARRIE WILL BE HERE! We cannot wait! So much to do and see.

So that's all I have for this week. More next week!

Have a good long weekend...