Holden stayed dry all day yesterday at school. She peed herself last night while playing on the porch with Davis, but I think for her first full day in underwear, that's to be expected. She was distracted. Overall, she was super proud of herself, and she apparently showed everyone her underwear all day at school. So there you go.


So that is exciting news. And tonight we have meet the teacher night and dinner with Brooks, Bennett and Sarah...and then big Bennett will be home! Yahoo! He said he feels like he has been gone a month. Holden is basically potty trained, the season changed, and all sorts of stuff. 

So yeah, really, about the season changing. Minnesota is all like "Yeah, so that brief warm spot? That's over. Get your sweaters out...it's fall." It was 55 this morning. And I am so unprepared! It's kind of exciting, I mean I love fall, and you truly get fall here. But it's also terrifying because after fall- you have endless winter. Anyway- enjoying today for what it is.