End of Summer.

This weekend officially marked the end of summer...all the local schools started back today and it's like Mother Nature knew because you can already feel the breeze and sniff the scent of fall in the air. I was home alone with the kids all weekend- and I was worried about it feeling very long- but for the most part, it didn't. For the most part, we had a blast.

Holden was quite the sassy gal this weekend, so I was thankful that Davis was very kind and helpful. Man, she has a memory like a vault. Both kids do, but I'm just noticing hers lately. And she's so damn smart. Friday after school, we stopped at Target, and I parked pretty close to the cart thing in the parking lot. Long story short, they got in on Davis' side and I asked her to get in her seat. She immediately decided she would do nothing of the sort, and on top of that, she thought it was GREAT fun to shimmy from one side to the other when I would try to get her. I finally got in the front seat, turned around, picked her up, and she squirmed so much she fell to the floor and bonked her head on the door. NOW. Lets be clear- she was like 2 inches off the ground when she fell- she was NOT injured. Of course she started to cry, and she continued to cry and when I would turn around to look at her she would say "DON'T LOOK AT ME!"

The next day, when we get to get in the car, she looked at me and said "Don't smack me this time..." WHAT? I said "Holden Eloise. I didn't smack you..." And she just looked at me and said "You smacked me."

She also wants me to hold her ALL THE TIME. Will hardly walk anywhere. Tiring for my back, but also, it hurts Davis' feelings. He'll say "Holden. I want to hold mommy too. Give me a turn." So after church yesterday I told him I would carry him from the car to the front door. I set Holden down in our front yard and went to pick him up. She sobbed, she wailed, she dropped to her knees, all the while shouting "DON'T DO THIS TO ME! DON'T DO THIS TO ME! DAVIS CAN WALK BY HIMSELF." Can you imagine? Ooh girl, she knows what she wants. 

Anyway, I don't tell you all this to complain...really it was pretty comical. Both kids have very strong personalities and you definitely see them come out at different times.

Okay- that was a tangent and not even the purpose of my post.

Friday night, Sarah and I went to dinner at Ciao Bella. We sat on the patio and had the most amazing, fresh, dinner. And then we shared this dessert:

The bottom is custard, topped with caramel, completed with salty popcorn. SO GOOD. And so rich that between the two of us, we hardly ate half. It was a very fun night out. I'm really thankful for Sarah. I told her while we were at dinner that I didn't know if she even liked me at first, she is so hard to read. We laughed about it and then talked about our first impressions of each other. Both Bennett and Nate are out of town for work today and tomorrow so she and I are going to tag team "Teacher's Night" tomorrow night. It's super handy that Bennett and Holden are starting together in a new class, and Brooks and Davis are starting in a new class together.

Saturday morning started early. Holden woke up at 6:30 which is not like her- and I think it's the real reason she was so crabby all day. We went to the Y, we got my car cleaned out, we went to Target, and we had breakfast. All before 10:00. That is how your life changes when you have kids. D and I worked on this lego set while Holden napped. It was really fun to do together...it looks super simple, but it took a while with all the tiny pieces.

And then, because it was supposed to rain and storm all day on Sunday, we went to the water park on Saturday. Even though it was cloudy and about 78 degrees. We were some of the only people there- but listen- it's a long time until they can swim outside again- so we just decided to go and make the best of it. AND THEN it didn't rain on Sunday, so as soon as Holden woke up on Sunday, we went again. And we got to swim on the final day for about an hour before the lightning and thunder set in. DEDICATION.

The place was PACKED. Everyone had the same idea. We also went to church on Sunday- both because I'm enjoying it and because it helps break up the day and it's fun for the kids. I asked them to hold hands...Davis took this job so seriously, grabbed her by the wrist and led her all the way in and to her class. And she just let him. They are too cute. He ADORES her. He won't leave the baby part of the YMCA because she cries if he does. He could go outside or down to this crazy castle, but he says things to her like "I won't leave you Holden. I will stay with you in the little room..." And if he doesn't, she'll look at him and in her little pipsqueak voice, she will say "Davis- can you stay with me?"

She mainly loves to do whatever he is doing. So, she has been pretty thrilled and proud of herself because she has been wearing underwear most of the weekend. YAHOO! She's done a great job too- so great that I sent her to school in undies today. We'll see how that goes! 

We played together a lot this weekend, and I could tell that when we got home from the pool last night, Davis just wanted a little time to play by himself on his bed with his lego set. Holden climbed right up and I could hear her say "What's up, Davis?" I love this picture. I love it. It almost breaks my heart.

This weekend was really good. I very often try to "get through" things- even some things that I enjoy. Like being home with the beans. This weekend, I really just tried to enjoy it. Maybe it's all the parents sending their kids to school this week...maybe I just realize how quickly time is flying...but either way, I just want to be present with them. I love them so.

More tomorrow.