this week.

this week has sort of been shit. so i don't have that much to write that is interesting...but, i do have a cute little quote from davis that i always want to remember. last night, i was lying down with him in his bed, reading books when bennett walked in. i said: "davis, give daddy a big hug because he's going to be gone for six days..." so he did and they talked about where he is going and when he will be back...

when he walked out i looked at davis and said "what would you say if i said i was going to be gone for six days?" he paused, looked right at me and said "i would say, 'i'm going to get in your backpack!'" what a clever and sweet little one.

holden, on the other hand, is showing more and more of her true colors lately- and girlfriend is going to be a trouble maker. you can tell that somehow she naturally has this sort of other-worldly confidence, and an unwavering commitment to only do things she thinks are fun. i said to bennett last night that my new mission in life is to be more like my 2 year old. 

yesterday after school we stopped for ice cream because holden did her business on the big girl potty three times at school! yahoo! we cheered and davis told her how proud he was...

photo (30) copy.jpg

i haven't really been in a rush to potty train her, but lately, i've decided i'm ready. mainly because she notifies you that she needs to pee THE SECOND AFTER she has already peed in her diaper, and it must be changed immediately. this can be exhausting depending on where you are or what you are i am hopeful that maybe this weekend we'll get her in undies during the day. for a while there you could tell she thought it was funny when i would try to put undies on her and she would go in her pants. she can be a real sassy pants. but she is also such a sweetheart. 

so tomorrow night i was supposed to go out with ellie and maija, but plans fell through, so i found myself with: a) a babysitter on friday night and no plans and b) an offer for dinner and free tickets to the book of mormon on saturday, but no sitter. hmmph. luckily last night sarah asked me if the kids and i are busy tomorrow night...and so i said "why don't we leave the kids with my sitter and we'll go have dinner?" yahtzee. so, i'm looking forward to that. :-) and as mentioned, it's the last week of the waterpark and so help me if it rains. in fact, i told them i would take them today and it's super cloudy and humid. blech. we might go anyway. 

a few other things i'm looking forward to:
- carrie and zach are coming next friday- yahoo!
- my mom is coming on the 10th and staying a week
- bennett and i are going to half moon bay on the 12th and staying a few nights there and napa

thankful for fun things to look forward to.
anyway- that's what i have today. hope you've had a great week!