I Heart Pizza Farms.

We didn't really know what we were getting into...driving about 45 minutes out of town, looking for a small piece of land with a "pizza farm" on it. Bennett was skeptical. But when we finally found it (the road it's on isn't even on Google Maps), we were very pleasantly surprised. Y'ALL. It's the coolest concept. These people live in this super cool part modern/part farmhouse building, have an amazing garden, some horses and chickens, and during the summer, they invite people out to spend the evening and eat their farm to blanket wood-fired pizzas. We had the best time. We got there at 3:30 and put our tickets in for pizza right away because we had heard that if you don't, the wait can get very long. We were pizzas 17 and 18 and by the time we left (at 6:30), they were calling out numbers 120 and 121. 

They were serving two pizzas: margherita and sweet corn. They were FOR SURE the best pizzas I have ever put in my mouth. 

We ate our pizza and then the kids played (there were tons of other kids there), we walked through the garden, we went on a wagon ride pulled by big clydesdale-looking horses, and then there was a puppet show at 6:00.

We also ran into this guy:

Davis and I kept our distance- but Holden was brave and she touched him and giggled over and over. EWW! I just hate frogs. 

And, there were some other shenanigans, including jumping on dad.

h jumping.JPG

While Holden was jumping on her dad, Davis was making friends with some big kids that brought bows & arrows. He was over the moon and could not focus on anything else...so of course, Davis and Bennett spent Sunday making their own bows & arrows. So cool, but I will save that post for another day.

Long story short- the pizza farm not only delivered amazing pizza, but also a really cool experience. I'm so glad we tried it out. I would love to do it again! Hope you had a good weekend.