It's Friday, I'm in Love.

So last night I went to a baby shower for my friend, Sarah. She is having a little girl in the end of September. It was really more of a sprinkle, so about 12 people were there. It was really nice- a sit down dinner, some cute games, and gifts. I was the only person there that wasn't family. So this makes me think: 1) I'm either her best friend or 2) she felt obligated to invite me because I had offered to throw her a sprinkle in the case that no one else did. I'd like to think it wasn't obligation, but we'll never know. I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Ha.

One thing I notice is that the friendships I have seen or heard about here are not really as close as the friendships I am used to. I think people are less emotional here, less open, and of course everyone lives here because the 10 generations before them have lived here, so they have their family instead of close friendships. This is my hypothesis anyway. It's certainly an interesting culture. Speaking of- if I could just study people ALL day every day, I would love it. It's sort of what I do in my job- but in more of a commerce/consumer-centric way. 

Anyway- the shower was fun, and Murphy and I had a glass of wine when I got back too. Not a bad night. I'm always thankful when I have the occasional event to do on my own when Bennett is gone. Speaking of- he's back today and I think after work we are going to drive out to Excelsior to eat on the lake and have ice cream. :-)

Anyway, that's all I have today- except that I did add a new post on the "Favorite Things" tab.  Have a great weekend!