Holden insisted on wearing Davis' Ironman costume to school on Monday. I've let Davis do this several times and between that fact and how cute she looked, I just couldn't say "no". After school we stopped at Target to pick up a few things and she was very proud to show everyone we passed that she was wearing a costume.

Last night, we had Sarah, Brooks and Bennett over for dinner and playtime. When I got to school to pick Davis up, Sarah had already been there to get the boys, so as soon as I walked in the door, Davis looked at me and said "BROOKSIE AND BENNETT ARE COMING OVER!" Then we got in the car and he could hardly contain his excitement "Mom. I love that plan that Brooksie and Bennett are coming over. I love that you planned that because I was just thinking I wanted them to come over. Thank you mom!"

He was so hyped up. I said "I'm so glad you are excited. Thank you for telling me that. Remember, I want you to have your listening ears on while they are over..." and he went on to very excitedly say "I will mom, I will. And I will be your helper. And if you need anything that you can't find, I can find it, because I am really good at finding things. And I am also getting better at not asking for new toys all the time and things that we don't need..."

I laughed and told him how proud I was of him and how he is becoming such a big boy. He was so cute. 

Today I have my first workout with my new trainer, John. I met him last week at a consultation. He is sort of like a short, bouncy Bob Saget. And I wasn't quite sure how I felt about working out with him, but somehow I signed up for a few initial trial sessions. I'm excited about how I will feel after I go, but not excited about realizing how out of shape I really am.

Tomorrow I am going to Sarah's baby shower and then I think the only other thing we have planned this weekend is going to the pizza farm. I'm excited to play and picnic at a beautiful farm and to eat fresh, organic, brick-fire pizzas. 

Happy Wednesday pals.