Winding Down.

Oh you can tell that summer is winding down and it's just heart breaking. We only have two more weekends at the waterpark, so of course that was high on our agenda this weekend. Saturday sprinkled a bit, so Davis and I went Sunday. Bennett got some golf in, both at the course and in our backyard, and we also had our little neighbor Jackson over to play on the slip n slide. 

Saturday night was especially fun because we had some friends over (Josh and Eden) for dinner. We ate outside and it was really lovely. 

The most special thing that happened this weekend is that Sunday morning, around 3:00 a.m., Davis came and crawled in our bed. Right after he laid down, he goes "Mom? Dad? I love you." He is so sweet, it's ridiculous. 

We tried another church yesterday and while it was fine, I think we need to keep looking in order to be really psyched to go every sunday. We have got to stop comparing everything to Grace, in Austin. I think that's a big part of it. Though this church on Sunday was a bit too traditional for us-and it was the "contemporary" service. Anyway, as always, here are some pictures from the weekend.

While we were in Texas, Carrie gave Holden this little dress that Mary Mae had just grown out of. Holden noticed it in her closet Saturday and HAD TO WEAR IT. She was so proud and all day talked about how it was "Mary Mae's Dress..." And of course she added some accessories...geez I love her smile.

This is Davis and Holden in a nutshell. Holden looks like she just won the lottery- and Davis is giving me a fierce superhero face. They are funny little people. So glad to call them mine. Have a great Monday.